5 Stunning Custom Product Packaging Trends Your Business will Love in 2022

The year 2022 is shaping up to be a great one for custom packaging designs, as customers continue to crave fun aesthetics and brightness in their everyday items due to the harsh realities of the pandemic. With the introduction of new technology, printing Sydney designers have shifted their focus from usefulness to aesthetics as a design tenet.

From paperboard packaging to stand up pouches and cake boxes Sydney, successful product packaging will favour a combination of bespoke design elements to make outstanding products. For example, striking colours, geometric graphics, experimental fonts, disordered layouts, and other bespoke design elements will assist businesses increase sales and become the top leaders in their industry.

At Focus Print Group, we are confident that the following year will be one of transition, and it will undoubtedly surprise us with innovative packaging ideas. As a result, both small business and printing Sydney designers must examine and adapt to these packaging design trends.


Source from Salazar Packaging

  1. Obviously, Mailing Boxes Will Continue to Be the Most In-Demand Product Packaging

We discovered just how crucial eCommerce is to our everyday lives and jobs in the past two years, and those realities will not alter any time soon. Even the most immersive website can’t replace the feeling of coming into a store and witnessing a well-designed product packaging once it arrives at their doors.

With millions of products sent every day, it’s more critical than ever to make packing a memorable experience. Package designers and business owners are increasing the bar to deliver a piece of branding right to your door.

When you, the consumer, open that unassuming box, you have one foot in the door of a brand. From flexible packaging, paperboard, cardboard, stand up pouches to cake boxes Sydney, all types of custom product packaging must convey the pleasure and adventure of shopping to their homes.


Source from Creative Market

  1. Maximal Graphics Inside, with Minimal Visuals Outside

Reducing a product’s packaging design to its essence is a powerful approach to sharpen your brand. Making your products speak for themselves is the most incredible way to leave buyers an enduring and intense impact.

However, in 2022, minimalism isn’t enough to make a marketplace standout. Instead, the insides should fully encapsulate a maximalist aesthetic to distinguish your packaging from its competitors! Imagine what a joy your customer will get when they open your simple box and be greeted by an exciting maximalist and well-built inside.

The ultimate objective of the simplistic and basic logo minimalism is to remove anything that isn’t essential and just include the necessary elements in the design. While the maximalism reveals vivid colours and exhilarating graphics, delighting customers, and keeping your brand in their minds.

The dual maximal/minimal design is a breath of fresh air amid the nostalgic form trend popular for printing services Sydney. No matter if you are creating mailing boxes or cake boxes Sydney, your custom product packaging will have a new lease on life, allowing it to flourish in the marketplace.


Source from The Dieline

  1. Earthy Textures and Neutral Colour Schemes

Perfectly imperfect raw materials and shades will be prominent in the upcoming year’s exquisite product designs. Colours such as green, white, brown, sky blue, and others are carefully chosen to produce an impact on designs that results in a powerful brand name.

Earthy textures remind customers where a business sources their materials, which is essential for brands looking to promote their eco-friendly ethos and tap into consumer worries about the climate. Therefore, pharmaceutical, organic product companies and any product that caters to an eco-conscious customer are the best categories to capitalise on this custom product packaging trend.

As the industry shifts to favour businesses that place sustainability at the centre of their offering, from flexible packaging to cake boxes Sydney, ethical and biodegradable packaging is one of the many ways a company may demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

Earthy and neutral tones are also more engaging, utilitarian, and useful, giving packaging a warm, soothing vibe. In addition, off-white, recycled textured fabrics can create a lovely backdrop for printed ink, resulting in a subtle colour distortion.


Source from Designer People

  1. Transparent Packaging and Clear Windows

Clear windows and transparent packaging are a full or semi cutout in a packaging that allows customers to see the goods inside without having to open the box. The cutout can be left open, but it is frequently covered with plastic film for increased security and stability.

Clear windows are very popular in the food and cosmetics industries. They may be used on various packaging materials, such as cardboard and paperboard boxes, sleeves, paper lids, cake boxes Sydney and more printing services Sydney.

Transparent packaging produces a unique personalised look that stands out from competitors on retail shelves. The window may be used to emphasise the product’s primary selling qualities and set it apart from rivals’ custom product packaging. Clear windows help customers acquire a better understanding of your goods, leading to increased trust and a stronger bond with your business.


Source from Alejandro Gavancho

  1. Spray Paint Effects and Vivid Gradients

Designers and customers alike will be captivated by vivid gradients and spray paint details using engaging colour combinations this year!

Gradients provide designers with an opportunity to create a custom product packaging design that is both elegant and natural by integrating shades or placeholders that create something distinctive or re-energise the design. For example, sprayed misted colours pop off a page and offer even the plainest white packaging a new lease on life.

Gradients provide a lot of depth, and they also look great in digital media. Since colour mists, which were made popular by graphic designer Tessa Forrest, have swept over the Instagram design world, probably due to its relaxing impact, which stops you in your tracks mid-scroll.

From flexible packaging, paperboard, cardboard, stand up pouches to cake boxes Sydney, spray paint effects, and vivid gradients are sure to fully bring a sophisticated and eye-catching edge with these high-chrome, brilliant tones, and vibrant colours.

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