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23 Sep 2020

Aqueous Coating now available at Focus 

Aqueous coating is a water based application that can be used as a fast drying finish to bring additional durability to your product. This eco-friendly alternative increases resistance to smudges, marks and…
23 Mar 2020

Just a bit of chatter ….

Being the CEO of Focus Print Group is a full life. Caring and doing the best that he can with the daily challenges causes for an extreme active release for Mark Shergill.…
14 Dec 2019

Clash at Caloundra

A drive to Bathurst from Sydney with his trainer & family for the weekend for his third fight since starting amateur boxing at the ripe of age of 54. Mark, CEO of…
28 Aug 2019

Reactiv + Focus

We are excited to announce that Reactiv has been acquired by Focus Print Group. Together we can offer you an amazing range of products and services. With more possibilities, we have the…

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