Plastic Packaging Printing Services

At Focus Print Group we offer a wide range of Packaging Solutions to our customers nationwide. Many of our customers find that having eye-catching and attractive packaging for their products is just as important as how secure and safe it is when packaged.

This now essential aspect of our Packaging Solutions has made way for a variety of unique takes on the standard packaging designs. We offer Custom Packaging Solutions for individual specialised products such as:

Our Packaging Solutions are available in a number of materials which best suit particular products due to their weight, size, fragility and of course their visual design requirements.
From Corrugated Boxes and Paperboard Packaging to Plastic Packaging, we will ensure that your products are both secure and stylish.

Contact our team today to guide your through the process of creating your new product packaging.

In particular, Plastic Packaging is an incredibly customisable Packaging Solution for smaller or lighter products. Focus Print Group provide Plastic Pouches and Bags in a number of shapes and sizes to snuggly and beautifully house your products. Plus, the versatility of Plastic Packaging Solutions allows us to offer a wide array of options when designing the plastic product packaging for you. Selecting from these options will give you an opportunity to create a truly unique combination of style and functionality for your product’s Plastic Packaging.

There are three key aspects of Plastic Packaging to consider when first deciding on your design; Style, Finish, and Stock. Each of these elements provide you with a set of alternatives to choose from.

For example, the Style options include:

  • Side Seal or Flat Pouch
  • Stand up Pouch
  • Rewind
  • Drum Sleeve

the Finishes include:

  • Zip Lock
  • Tear Notch
  • Clear Window
  • Round Corners

and the Stocks include:

  • PVDV-PET (Clear)
  • Metalised PET
  • Kraft
  • Paper / Foil / Poly

By selecting from these Style, Finish and Stock options, you can create a one of a kind look for your product. There is essentially no limit to the combinations we can create with Focus Print Groups range of premium Packaging Solutions.

Enjoy the flexibility of plastic by printing everything from logos, designs, patterns and colours onto your Plastic Packaging to showcase your product in its best light. The design and customisation of your Packaging Solution can be as wild and unique, or simple and refined as you wish, the opportunities for creativity available to you are endless.

At Focus Print Group we are the Plastic Packaging Professionals. We will ensure that your product stands out from the crowd by guiding you through the custom Plastic Packaging process. Speak to our friendly team today and see what we can create for you!

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