Step-By-Step Guide to Ordering Brochures & Flyers

Even though society is largely digitalised, printed advertising like brochures and flyers are still among the most effective forms of marketing, due to their astonishing versatility and consumer interaction.

No matter the project, your business deserves the Perfect Marketing Material, and brochures or flyers can sure make a significant impact even with a limited budget.

But most importantly, when taking advantage of the marketing medium’s tactical nature, the type of brochure or flyer you should select comes down to what kind of look would best represent your brand. A few important questions which might narrow down your brochure printing and flyer printing selections, include:

  • Who is the target audience? What do you want to promote?
  • Are photos included? Or is this advertising primarily text-based?
  • What is the budget? Do I have the flexibility for special embellishments?

Step One:  Sizes and Shapes

The versatility of brochures and flyers stems from their adaptability in design and format. With a variety of paper sizes and folding options available, these marketing tools offer ample space to creatively advertise your brand and convey informative content. Their design can be tailored for an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read layout, enhanced by innovative printing techniques to capture your audience’s attention effectively.

Although it’s important to note that the larger and more complex the fold of a brochure is, the more it will affect how the marketing medium is distributed and the overall cost.

At Focus Print Group, we typically offer 2pp to 8pp, which can be folded in different ways, including:

  • Half Fold which is the common booklet appearance and works well for basic presentations and info sheets.
  • Tri-Fold is the stereotypical form of a brochure and works well for most types of marketing.
  • Z-Fold, designed in the shape of a z, works well for mailed marketing and wide images.
  • Open-Gate Fold gives a big revel, good for more creative business and for marketing displays.

Step Two:  Paper Stocks 

Typically, clients neglect the importance paper selection plays into the marketing material’s design and how the feel of paper impacts a person’s perception of the overall brand. However, paper selections can be confusing, especially for first-time clients, but paper selections should be one of the first decisions in the design cycle for brochure printing and flyer printing.

For example, if one of your campaign goals is a low budget, it is crucial to opt for a digital printing service which will work well on a cost-effective paper stock. Although in the reverse situation where the campaign goal is to produce a unique marketing material, a more specialised paper stock should be selected, and as a result, you should optimise your production and design to suit the higher-quality paper.

At Focus Print Group, the most common types of paper stocks that we use for brochure printing and flyer printing in Sydney include:

  • Gloss coated paper – often makes a brand look prestigious and high-quality, as well as producing great-looking images with added detail and depth.
  • Silk coated paper – tends to be the number one choice for brochures, as the paper equally makes your photos look good and text easy to read.
  • Uncoated paper – the most environmentally friendly option, with a natural-looking aesthetic and organic texture.
  • Typically, specialty stocks are not really common for this, but it’s an option depending on how premium they want to look. From coloured paper, pearlescent and special textures like felt, embossed linen etc.

Step Three:  Embellishments and Special Inks

Particularly with this type of printed marketing collateral, we encourage you to look beyond the design’s look but consider how to elevate the feel and texture of the brochure or flyer. There’s nothing that makes a digital printing pop like unusual inks or special embellishments.

At Focus Print Group, the typical embellishments we offer for Brochure Printing and Flyer Printing includes:

  • Foil – Creates a shiny metallic look on specific areas of your printed material, with over 30 foil films available.
  • Embossing – which adds texture to a print by slighting raising or lowering a detail on the paper.
  • Cello or lamination – a thin plastic layer applied to paper that gives either a gloss or matte finish.
  • UV or Spot UV – a special ink that works like a gloss coating on top of the paper, creating a high-gloss shine.
  • Special Die Cutting – creates unique shapes on paper during printing, e.g. a circle-shaped brochure.

At Focus Printing Sydney, the standard special inks we offer for Brochure Printing and flyer printing includes:

  • PMS Colours which stands for Pantone Matching System, a universal colour matching system used primarily for printing. Each colour is represented by a numbered code. Unlike CMYK (the standard printing colours), PMS colours are pre-mixed with a specific formula of inks prior to printing, producing a break taking display of colour.
  • Metallic Inks are used for high-end jobs, providing opaque or shinny effects that other forms of inks can’t produce. It is available in shades of gold, bronze, silver, copper – and also greens, blues, and purples.
  • Fluro Inks are high colour yield pigments, designed to stand out, providing bright and clear colour coverage even on the darkest of fabrics.

Stand Out Today with Focus Print Group

No matter the purpose of your campaign at Focus Print Group, we have the perfect printing service for you to ensure your marketing materials are memorable. While brochure printing and flyer printing in Sydney are our best sellers, we offer additional marketing materials which can also benefit your promotional campaign.

Stand out from the crowd with printing and marketing collateral from Focus Print Group. From catalogue printing, leaflets, business cards, wobblers, posters, stickers, bookmarkers, door hanger, invitations, calendars, notebooks, diaries and much more, we’ve got you covered.

At Focus Print Group, our custom product packaging range can be customised to suit your product and branding needs. Your custom product packaging can be specialised with custom features such as styles, shapes, size, stocks, colours and custom prints, to name a few.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier to design and produce the best Custom Product Packaging solutions and printing services in Sydney, contact Focus Print Group today!

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