Benefits Of Custom Food Packaging Sleeves For Frozen Food Products

The market for frozen food has seen a significant increase in the demand for frozen ready-to-eat food products, and hence, this had created a vast increase in interest for custom frozen food boxes and other forms of frozen meal packaging. It has led to a higher interest among consumers. The advancement of these markets is one of many reasons as to why custom frozen food packaging in the form of food sleeves have become more prominent. Focus Print Group’s custom food sleeve packaging has provided our clients with the opportunity to stand out from their competition by creating unique designs that are tailored specifically toward their business plan goals.

What are Food Packaging Sleeves?

Food packaging sleeves are printed cardboard sleeves that slide over a food tray or container. They are open on the sides to ensure that consumers are able to easily see and access the food package underneath. Food packaging sleeves provide added protection for the food product and aid in displaying branding and product information.

Suitable for frozen or even fresh food, food packaging sleeves are a great custom product packaging solution to present products in the most attractive and effective way possible. That’s why they’re so often used in custom frozen food packaging designs. You might have heard them described as “ready meal sleeve packaging”, and they’ve become just as much a part of frozen meal packaging as the food itself. 

Promotes Product Convenience

When it comes to designing any product packaging, you must first consider what matters most to the product’s ideal user and how it will integrate into their everyday lives. Consumers wish to purchase meals that are quick and easy to make, providing added convenience to their busy lifestyle.

Food packaging sleeves are a great option for custom frozen food packaging as it has many convenient features. They are lightweight, strong, durable, simple to carry and easy to use.

Provides Total Protection Of Frozen Food Products

Packaging closures are just as essential as the package’s contents. They are an ideal form of frozen meal packaging because they provide total protection from the outside environment while also positively impacting the packaging’s convenient appeal.

Food packaging sleeves enclose a product that is already packaged in some way, be it a food tray or a container. The addition of food sleeves provides total protection to the food product, minimising the risk of damage occurring during transportation. Frozen food consumers are therefore able to readily open the packaging which has retained the freshness of the contents within.

Eye-Catching Food Sleeve Packaging Attracts Customers

Many businesses may believe that just because a product is presented behind a fogged-up glass door means that your package’s design should be cheap. However, whether you have a product in the frozen food aisle or in the fresh food section, appealing packaging can dramatically influence your product’s sales.

Here at Focus Print Group, when designing custom food sleeve packaging for frozen food products, we ensure that our designs and prints are bright, clean and appealing to customers selecting a product via a layer of glass. Bespoke printing services are crucial to gaining a competitive edge over other frozen food brands.

Paper Sleeves Are Suitable For Frozen Food Packaging

Paper food sleeves are frequently used for packaging frozen ready-to-go meals, pizza, pies, and other frozen food goods.

As one of the most reputable printing companies in Sydney, our paper food sleeves are a simple and effective solution for food retail businesses selling pre-packaged, fresh, and frozen foods with 100% customizability. Our paper sleeve materials offer the ideal printing surface for high-quality, bright, and colourful branding, artwork, text, and graphics.

What’s great about our food sleeves is that they are FDA certified – in the case that customers touch the food, they are safe. They are also freezer and fridge approved which means that they don’t require any extra coating to be suitable for frozen and refrigerated packaging. This allows the packaging to remain intact and look good even through these cold and wet conditions.

Offers That Extra ‘Wow’ Factor

Custom food sleeves with clear window special diecut packaging allow for the food sleeves to give that extra wow factor. Custom clear windows give consumers the opportunity to see the product inside, without having to open the packaging. Clear windows can be skillfully incorporated into the packaging design to create an attractive custom design that stands out amongst competitors. The possibilities are endless, with the ability to customise the shape of the die to suit the product shape, branding and packaging type.

Implement Custom Food Packaging Sleeves With Focus’ Printing Services Sydney

Searching for a reputable printing company in Sydney? Here at Focus Print Group, our custom frozen food packaging sleeves can be customised to suit your product and branding needs. Your food packaging sleeves can be produced with custom features such as size, colours, and custom prints, to name a few.

Custom product packaging is substantially less complicated than it appears. Our printing team in Sydney can customise product packaging to your product’s specific dimensions and physical requirements by adding unique branding components such as logos, pictures, or text.

We offer a wide range of printing services in Sydney. When it comes to frozen food sleeve packaging, its presentation, shelf life, consumer convenience, and cost-effectiveness are all crucial to its success. We have been providing high-quality printing services to Sydney food companies for decades and, as a result, have expertise in considering what is important when creating the best custom packaging for frozen foods.

No matter the purpose of your campaign at Focus Print Group, we have the printing services available to ensure memorable custom product packaging. Plus, we offer additional printing services which your business may benefit from, including brochure printing and more.

Contact Focus Print Group today if you are looking for a reliable supplier of custom printing services in Sydney to design and produce the best custom product packaging solutions.

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