Folding Cartons

Paperboard folding cartons are a convenient, lightweight and environmentally friendly packaging.

They are 100% customisable and ideal for specialised custom projects. Select from a variety of styles, materials and embellishments to get a custom packaging that suits your product and looks exactly how you imagined it.

Our folding cartons are not not only lightweight and durable but also environmentally sustainable, being both biodegradable and recyclable. These cartons are highly customisable, allowing for vibrant printing and brand-specific designs that enhance consumer appeal and recognition.

With features like easy opening and product viewing windows, make  our paperboard  folding cartons a economically smart choice for businesses.

By choosing paperboard folding cartons, you are making a commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility, meeting modern consumer demands while supporting a circular economy.

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Crash Lock

Crash lock is a highly functional packaging system. This style allows a box to be assembled with just one quick fold. No additional tape or gluing required. Perfect for in-line fulfilment.

Also known as self-locking.


Tuck end

This system offers an easy closure on both top and bottom where the rear panels “tuck” in the front ones. Perfect for easy opening requirements and product handling.

Also known as Airplane Tuck End Box or SNT (Straight Notched Tuck).


Snap lock

Snap lock is a simple packaging system that can be assembled with 3 simple folds. No additional tape or gluing required.

Also known as 123 Bottom.


Custom / Die Cuts

Go beyond the standard and create unique shapes and custom opening systems to suit your project’s specific needs.


Double white

Premium packaging stock. Smooth finish on top and clear white surface on the reverse. Available coated 1Side or 2Sides.


Kraft back

Coated Kraft paperboard with smooth white surface on top, kraft uncoated on the reverse. Tear and puncture resistant.


Grey back

High quality duplex board with great performance and stiffness. Increased packaging rigidity at lower grammages. Clay coated on top, uncoated on the reverse.

For most commercial use packaging we suggest 500 ums stocks as they offer the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. For specific projects we also offer a wide range from 300 to 650ums. Please contact our packaging team to find out more.


Machine Varnish

A clear ink that is applied on top of your printed material for protection and sheen. Options: matt, and gloss.


Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is a clear, fast-drying water-based coating used to protect printed materials and deter dirt and fingerprint marks. Available in gloss, matt and silk.



A thin plastic film that is applied to the printed paper through heat, offering protection, resistance and also a matt, gloss or velvet visual effect.

Options: matt, gloss and velvet/soft touch.


UV/ Spot UV

Creates a glossy look on your printed material. Can be applied to specific areas (spot uv) or the entire print (all-over UV).



Creates a shiny or matt metallic look on specific areas of your printed material. Over 50 foil colours available.


Emboss or Deboss

Creates a 3D effect on specific areas of your printed material.

Versatile and Efficient

Focus’ folding cartons are food-grade certified, fridge and freezer approved.

Often used as primary or secondary packaging, folding cartons are ideal for light to medium-weight products such as fresh and frozen foods, cosmetics, pet care products, FMCG, household items and beverages. With a creative design, folding cartons packaging can look high-end, without the high price.

As the name suggests, folding cartons can be easily folded flat and assembled in a matter of seconds, making the packing process quicker and more efficient. These boxes are suitable for both automated and manual packing lines. Made from a variety of paperboard stocks, folding cartons are also suitable for a range of special finishes and print embellishments.

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