Stretch Sleeves

Perfect for bottles, chemical drums and cylinder containers, stretch sleeves are easy to apply /remove, and offers a 360-degree graphic area for branding and advertising.

Made from LLDPE – linear low-density polyethylene, stretch sleeves are fade resistant and can be printed up to 8 colours. Ideal for chemical, automotive, cleaning, agricultural and a range of industrial products.

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Made up with Clear or White LLDPE sleeve film

Linear low-density polyethylene

Resistant to impact, puncture and resistant to external environmental factors due to its superior flexibility & tensile strength.

Increase protection and fade resistance with UV coating

Create an extra barrier that will protect the printing against light, maintaining the colours alive and vibrant.

Easy and Resistant.

Due to its increased flexibility, stretch sleeves provide an easy and cost-effective application that does not require adhesive or heat.

They are easy to apply, easy to remove and adaptable to several containers’ sizes. Its LLDPE material also creates a great resistance against light and temperature.

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