Printed Rewinds

Ideal for individual packed goods such as cereal bars and other products with automated & in-line packing process.

Rewinds create a defined barrier protection against damage and external contamination. Also known VFFS and HFFS (vertical/horizontal form film seal) – this flexible packaging is a flat film substrate supplied rolls. Graphics are continuously printed onto a roll of film that is suitable for automated packing lines.

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Polyester Terephthalate, PET is a high-performance, crystal clear thermoplastic. It is the ideal film for quality printing.


Biaxially oriented polypropylene. Extremely clear and ideal for a variety of retail products, BOPP is stretched in both directions during manufacturing, increasing its resistance, stiffness and high tensile strength.


LLDPE – Linear low-density polyethylene. resistant to impact, puncture and external or internal environmental factors due to its superior flexibility & tensile strength.
Available on clear or white options.


Cast polypropylene. Great resistance to tear and puncture. Outstanding moisture and atmospheric barrier properties.

Choose from one of the 8 roll orientations available:

Rolls can be printed up to 8 colour print and up to 1 metre width.


From packing to the consumer!

Rewinds offer a great barrier against oxygen, water, odours, light and other external environmental factors – protecting the contents from the packing to the consumer.

They are light weight, reducing transportation costs when compared with other packaging solutions. Ideal for a range of household, personal care, FMGC and food products, Focus rewinds are printed with high quality flexographic print, they are chemically stable and manufactured in accordance with HACCP requirements.

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