Cake Boxes

Secure and stylish packaging solution for cakes, pastries and bakery products.

Our cake boxes are transported flat and are easy to assemble. Choose from a variety of plain, ready to go dessert packaging boxes, or stand out with custom shapes and print to suit your goods unique requirements.

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Our cake boxes range:

Custom solutions for outstanding results!Click on the sections below to find out more.


Locking tabs

Cost effective solution. Just a few easy locking and folding steps and your box is ready to go.


Easy fold (6-point glue)

Faster and easier assembling. Tabs are pre-glued so there is no need to set up locking tabs.


Milk board

Premium food-grade board with greaseproof protection. Ideal to direct contact with food.


Double white

Premium packaging stock. Smooth finish on top and clear white surface on the reverse.


Kraft back

Coated Kraft paperboard with the smooth white surface on top, kraft uncoated on the reverse. Tear and puncture resistant.


Machine Varnish

A clear ink that is applied on top of your printed material for protection and sheen. Options: matt, and gloss.


Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is a clear, fast-drying water-based coating used to protect printed materials and deter dirt and fingerprint marks. Available in gloss, matt and silk.

Sweet, eye-catching solutions

Your delicate foods will be safe throughout transportation with our light-weight materials designed for protection and aesthetics.

Our stocks are food grade and suitable for fridge and freezer.

This range is ideal for cakes, cupcakes, pies, muffins, pastries, cookies, donuts, and any other fresh pastry or bakery products. Protect, transport and advertise your products all at once.

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