Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is a sustainable and cost-effective packaging solution.

The corrugated cardboard range is a low-cost and a low-weight option for transporting most objects in all weights, sizes and shapes. It is also certified food-safe making it ideal for various packaging uses, from pizza delivery boxes, pharmaceutical supplies, cosmetics, automotive products & more. They can also be fully customised to suit your product and branding.

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Our corrugated range:

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Corrugated board with a brown look on both sides.


Double white

Corrugated board with a white look on both sides.

Corrugated boards are made of two outer flat layers and a middle wavy layer named flute. Your product’s requirements such as size and weight will define which is the best flute for your packaging.



commonly use C, B or twin cushion


Pizza Boxes

commonly use R flute


Pizza boxes

9,11,13 and 15”.


Shipping boxes

custom (L x W x H)

Flexo printed, up to 3 colours.


Protect and Transport

Cardboard boxes are versatile and can be used on a wide range of applications, as primary, secondary or tertiary packaging.

They offer outstanding strength and resistance against impact, making them perfect to protect and transport your products. Focus cardboard range can also be custom printed up to 3 colours on flexo print, promoting your branding and advertising your product.

Carboard boxes are the industry most common packaging solution, they are sustainable, strong, and cost effective. They are also made from renewable sources and be easily recycled.

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