Custom Printed Rewinds - Flexible Packaging Solutions

Looking for a creative way to package your bulk product orders? For companies wanting an easy-going, cost-effective solution to bulk packaging, our printed rewinds are ideal for various products. With a very high self-life, this lightweight packaging is quick-to-pack and is considered one of the most flexible product packaging options on the market.

What are Printed Rewinds?

Printed rewinds – also known as Vertical Form Filled Seal (VFFS) – are a type of flexible packaging that is a flat film substrate supplied on a roll. In other words, graphics are continuously printed onto a flat ready-to-use roll of film. The printed film is the foundation for most flexible packaging and used for two packaging applications, either wrapping applications or bag manufacturing.

Both applications are quite self-explanatory, wherein wrapping the printed film is fitted closely over the product and then laminated closed. Or, in bag manufacturing, the printed film is shaped into a type of product packaging – from packs, sachets, pouches or bags – the opening is then laminated closed.

Prior to sealing, the flexible packs are often flushed with gas, which reduces the amount of oxygen within the bag to significantly extend shelf life.

Rewinds create a defined barrier protection for items against damage and contamination. Specifically, they are suitable mediums for liquids, as the packaging reduces the risk of unnecessary costly wastage from spoilage or spillage. This flexible packaging also preserves a product’s scent and freshness by providing excellent barriers against oxygen, UV light, water vapour, odours, and mineral oils.

Printed Rewinds – Industry Applications

The best packaging example of a printed rewind that is commonly found in the supermarket is muesli bars or protein bars. Although the manufacturing of this flexible packaging is very adaptable, it can be made to almost any size for many different products and applications.

Making flexible packaging rewinds used in a variety of sectors, including dairy, personal care, industrial, and other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets. Rewinds suit a range of products, from dry foods, dairy products, coffee, tea, personal care items, pet food, confectionery, powders, liquids, agricultural products and much more.

What Makes Printed Rewinds from Focus Industry-Leading?

At Focus Print Group, we only print customised printed rewinds, ensuring that we can design and manufacture a packaging specifically for you no matter the aesthetics of your business.

There are multiple sealing options to choose from to create the most ideal sealing performance for your product’s specific needs. Packaging layers can also be customised to be thicker or thinner, as solvent-free adhesives can be used to laminate up to four layers to create more protective films.

Not only do our film solutions offer high-quality protection and long-lasting freshness for lightweight products. At Focus, we only use full-colour, high-quality graphics giving your product packaging a vivid shelf appeal to display your products confidently.

The minimum order quantity for rewind packaging pouches is 5,000 meters. Contact a Flexible Packaging specialist today! But also consider checking out our other food packaging solutions like cake boxes, paperboard cartons, food sleeves, trays and lids.

Top Three Benefits of Rewind Packaging

  • Customised Printing

We will customise your rewind film to the optimal specifications for your product requirements, whether you have your own machinery or have a contract packer to fill your product. Additionally, enquire about our printing services Sydney to round out your product packaging needs.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Though flexible packaging is not currently allowed for kerbside recycling in Australia, items that meet the correct criteria may be returned to Redcycle bins around the country. As ethical packaging producers, we are actively innovating to enhance industry standards for recycling and environmentally sustainable flexible packaging. Flexible film wrapping may be made from recycled materials such as recyclable wrapping materials.

  • Food-Safe Materials

Our food-grade flexible packaging film has excellent barrier properties, allowing you to protect your food items without compromising the package’s appearance or shelf life.

Stand Out Today with Focus Print Group

No matter the purpose of your campaign at Focus Print Group, we have the print solution to ensure memorable custom product packaging. While we deliver custom packaging roll stock and rewind solutions, we offer additional product packaging solutions, which will benefit the visibility and structure of your products.

At Focus Printing Sydney, our custom product packaging range can be tailored to suit your product and branding needs. Your custom product packaging can be specialised with custom features such as styles, shapes, size, stocks, colours and custom prints, to name a few.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier to design and produce the best custom product packaging solutions and printing services in Sydney, contact Focus Print Group today.

With more than 30 years of experience and a state-of-the-art in-house facility, our printing team is ready to bring your ideas to life. Whether you need Flexible Packaging, Paperboard, Cardboard, or Stand up Pouches, our team can assist you with any of your custom product packaging needs. Contact a Flexible Packaging specialist today! For Sydney on (02) 8755 7888 or Melbourne on (03) 8831 2000, for a FREE Digital Printing Consultation.