Exploring the World of Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

Are you looking for the best flexible packaging option for your product? Are you looking to transform your product visibility whilst prioritising the sustainability of your manufacturing and packaging processes? Stand-up pouch packaging is a great option for a wide variety of products, available in a variety of size options to suit every business need. Many people are choosing flexible packaging options such as a stand-up pouch over rigid and traditional packaging due to the benefits of sustainability, seamless transportation and the level of versatility and shelf awareness it brings, increasing sales for your business. 

What are stand-up pouches?

Stand-up pouches are a form of flexible packaging which are growing in popularity due to the numerous benefits and advantages they provide for both consumers and marketing tactics. Standup pouches are a type of flexible packaging which stands on its, making them suitable for a wide range of products.

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Depending on your specific product needs, you may require a specific finish to open the packaging of your product in the most efficient way or you may have design aspects to consider for your packaging. At Focus Print, we offer a range of packaging finishes to consider:

  • Zip lock 
  • Tear notch 
  • Clear window 
  • Round corners


At Focus Print, our flexible packaging options and standup pouches are available in a range of stock types, suiting almost any product type. Our packaging is manufactured to provide an effective barrier against oxygen, moisture, light, temperature differences and impact to ensure your product stays at the highest level of freshness and continues to be at its best quality. Our flexible packaging options are available in the following stock types to suit your product and business needs:

  • PVDC-PET (clear)
  • Metalised PET
  • Kraft 
  • Paper/foil/poly

What are the benefits of flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is suitable for a range of products including frozen foods, pet foods, dry foods, dairy, cosmetic products, cleaning products, personal hygiene products and many liquids such as sauces, soaps and ready-made meals. There are several reasons why stand-up pouches are the flexible packaging option of choice for many businesses, with the reasonings that may include:

Benefits of flexible packaging

Increased product visibility

The design of stand-up pouches allows them to stand up and face forward on a shelf, naturally grabbing consumers’ attention. As well as their manufacturing style, when stand-up pouches are designed in a way to capture your consumer’s attention and encapsulate your brand messaging through graphics, this allows for an increased level of product visibility and awareness. Stand-up pouches are specifically designed for marketing and showcasing design as the largest printable surface of the packaging can be designed to face the customer, providing the best marketing results for your business.

Enhanced shelf presence

Stand-up pouches are convenient to be stocked on store shelves as they stand up on their own allowing for a large number of products to be displayed. Stand-up pouches can be manufactured in a large range of size options and shapes to suit the specific needs of the product being packaged in the pouches whilst also allowing for optimal shelf space when being stored in retail stores. 

Design of stand-up pouches

Sustainability and reduced waste 

As a whole, flexible packaging such as a stand-up pouch uses significantly fewer materials and energy to manufacture. Stand-up pouches can be made from a variety of materials as we covered earlier, which provides the opportunity for them to be recyclable or biodegradable which provides a range of environmental benefits, whilst still being able to focus on the quality and versatility of the materials used. 

Increased consumer convenience

Many consumers find stand-up pouches extremely convenient compared to various other packaging types. A stand-up pouch is convenient due to its being extremely lightweight, which also makes them easy to transport. Stand-up pouches generally undergo a large amount of transport due to their level of durability and resistance to breakages which makes them suitable for handling and transport. 

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