Factors To Consider For Brochure Printing

Brochure printing and other forms of printed marketing are extremely popular even though there has been a rise in digital marketing. Printed marketing brochures and flyers are popular due to their versatility, ability to be visually pleasing, ability to convey information and are a cost-effective option.

Printed brochures and marketing options are able to be targeted towards your intended target audience and can be printed in bulk and at a cost-effective price making the design and distribution simple and timely. At Focus Print Group. We offer a range of printing Sydney, which includes brochure printing, flyer printing, leaflets, business cards and more.

Below are some factors to consider when choosing brochure printing for marketing: 

Variation of ink choices

CMYK is the standard variation of print ink used. Although, there are several ink choices such as fluro ink, metallic ink and PMS colour inks (Pantone Matching System) that are available for brochure printing at Focus Print Group. Utilising a different variety of ink can ensure your imagery or text stands out on your brochure and draws the audience’s attention to specific areas. Choosing a variation of ink that adds an element of uniqueness such as a metallic ink will ensure your brochure or marketing material is memorable and stands out in the crowd!

Material for brochure printing

The paper material used for brochures or flyers is important to consider when you are wanting a specific look and finish for your material. The three most used paper types are gloss coated paper, silk coated paper and uncoated paper. 

Gloss coated paper has a gloss-like finish which makes images look visually appealing. Silk coated paper is often the most popular choice for printed brochures as it is high quality which ensures both text and images are easy to read and look at, as well as having a high-quality finish. Uncoated paper is the most environmentally friendly option, and it has a natural finish

There are several formatting options for brochures such as half-fold, tri-fold and z-fold or an open layout which may be available depending on the goals of your marketing such as what information or imagery you are aiming to draw attention to over others.

Desired finishing touches

There are several options to choose from if you are looking for final touches on your printed marketing material which may make a substantial difference to the overall look of your material by adding texture. Some popular choices for printed brochures of flyers include foil, lamination, embossing, special die cutting or UV.

Foil is often used to create texture and add a metallic aspect for the design of your brochure. At Focus Print Group, we offer over 30 various types of foil film that can be implemented on brochures or flyers. Lamination or cello will change the finish of a brochure by adding a film layer to make the surface have a gloss or matte finish. 

Embossing can be used in a variety of ways to either raise or lower specific details of the brochure which is a great way to make certain aspects of information or designs stand out to your audience. Special die cutting is often used to create a specific shape to add an element of design, and UV adds a layer of shine to the finish of the brochure. 

Stand Out Today With Focus Print Group!

No matter the campaign at Focus Print Group, we have print solutions to ensure memorable marketing solutions. While brochure printing and flyer printing are our best sellers, we offer additional marketing materials which can also benefit your promotional campaign.

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