Just a bit of chatter ….

Being the CEO of Focus Print Group is a full life. Caring and doing the best that he can with the daily challenges causes for an extreme active release for Mark Shergill.

Did you know that our CEO has always enjoyed boxing with the belief that it is a great all rounder body conditioning form of exercise so when he found a boxing gym across the road from Focus’s site, it was a perfect combination. Huas (his trainer) raised the question with him. “Why not start fighting?” So, at the young age of 54, in 2019 he enters into amateur boxing.

Mark’s first two fights in 2019 at Adelaide Masters against experienced fighters he lost. Third fight in Bathurst he won against a 27 year old!

2020. A year we will all remember.
Just before the COVID lockdown he has a fight at “Clash at Caloundra” where he won the Australian Masters belt. Then rushes back to Sydney before the borders close.

COVID19 has been difficult time Australia wide. What will “normal” look like when we ease restrictions?

Our office & production is much quieter, life has changed and Mark finds it important to not stress & focus with what you can’t do anything about. With the things you can do, work on those. So during this time you will find Mark in both production & the office gearing up for the return of “normality” to the print business as well as keeping his fitness in boxing training ..him & his boxing bag.

Keep well. Remember you are never too old to try something you have always wanted to try, modifying is good.

Mark is enjoying the challenge & fun . His Focus Print family are very proud of their CEO & his belt proudly sits in the office.