Litho-Laminated - Premium Corrugated Packaging Solution

Are you looking for premium packaging to impress new customers and retain loyal clients? Litho-Laminated Corrugated packaging is the premium option for large volume and high-quality custom printing. The combination of strong corrugated cardboard with the deluxe aesthetics of offset printing, allows your products to look exceptional and be shipped safely worldwide. This premium material is a great investment for businesses for both bulk packaging and widespread advertising.

What is Litho-laminated packaging?

Litho-lamination or premium corrugated packaging is a system that uses a lithograph (offset) printing with high quality graphics laminated on top of a strong corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard is a thicker and more durable version of traditional cardboard.

Ultimately this printing process produces a structurally strong and visually exceptional vehicle for any sized or shaped product. This type of packing can be tailored to suit the needs of your product, for example different flutes of corrugated board can be chosen for fragile or heavier products.

Common Uses

The litho-laminated packaging is commonly used in two categories of custom printing; advertising / point of sale displays and product packaging.

  • Advertising / Point of Sale Displays

It is essential for business to have high quality visual promotional displays to expand their brand. The premium printing of litho-lamination allows for high-quality graphics which stand out and maximises visual impact. The strength of the cardboard board is ideal to hold and show off the products on the display. Examples include: counter unit displays, shelf ready trays and floor stand displays.

  • Product Packaging

Protection is essential for all kinds of product packaging, the durable corrugated cardboard allows for secure transportation and handling; from the most fragile and breakable, to large and uniquely shaped products. The high quality offset print is ideal to stand out from the competition and promote your brand.  Examples include; electronic devices, cosmetics and beauty products, gift boxes, homewares and beverage cases. 

Advantages of Custom Litho-Laminated / Premium Corrugated Packaging

  • High quality graphics

Particularly in retail, customers are face to face with products and their packaging, the print quality and graphic elements need to be leading-edge to be able to compete with competitors. Litho-lamination produces detailed graphics in full colour across a variety of shapes and sizes, which will ensure your product stands out.

  • Best for high-volume print runs

Litho-laminated corrugated packaging is ideal for brands who require printing orders in the thousands. This is because with bulk printing the quality of graphics, using laminated process upholds premium quality graphics at large scales.

  • Excellent for shipping

Corrugated packaging is a very thick and offers superior protection for its continents through the shipping process, ensuring that products arrive in perfect condition.

Special Custom Features

Additional features to packaging will make your business stand out from its competitors, enhanced packaging increases customer engagement as customers have been proven to consider a unique looking product over a basic one. Litho-laminated corrugated pieces can range in customisable features including;

  • Embellishments: adds texture and visual interest to the packaging. Such as foiling, embossing or debossing, specialty coatings or ink.
  • Custom die cuts: adds shape to the packaging. A steel blade is used to cut the packaging into any desired shape.
  • PMS colours. The Pantone Matching System is used to reproduce specific colours across all of your printed products.
  • Clear Windows: allows consumers to see the product inside, without having to open the packaging. This is popular for food products and cosmetics.

Where to Source Litho-Laminated Corrugated Packaging in Sydney or Melbourne

If you are looking for premium packaging printing & design services in Sydney or Melbourne to help promote your products, the team at Focus Print Group have the expertise and the capabilities to deliver high quality packaging  printing. Contact our Sydney office on (02) 8755 7888 or Melbourne office on (03) 8831 2000, for a FREE premium packaging print consultation.