Point of Sale Printing

How many times have you experienced purchasing a product, when you hadn’t planned on it, just because the product was very visible and caught your attention? Like purchasing some delicious confectionary items like chips or chocolates, which were positioned in very eye-catching counter or isle displays, or a new pair of gardening gloves, just because they were there and made you think you needed them.

I am sure this happened to the best of us, and why do you think this occurs? Is it just chance that we happened to need those products? The answer is NO!

These eye-catching displays are referred to as Point of Sale Displays. These displays are also positioned in places which are almost impossible to avoid, they are big, beautiful and have such a huge impact on shoppers, that they help to increase brands sales significantly. Point of Sale Displays, also enable shoppers to reach in and grab an item, without having to go and locate the products somewhere else in the store. The vast number of products within the Point of Sale Display, creates sensations that encourage, even the most seasoned shopper to purchase them.

Point of Sale Stands are usually implemented in line with a Sales Promotion and the products being promoted within the Point of Sale Display, are often placed within a Point of Purchase, or for the better term, next to a cash register.

To create or produce a Point of Sale Display Stand, requires specialised printing machinery and experienced Point of Sale Display Printing Professionals, who understand the mechanics of What Makes a Point of Sale Display Stand Successful. The whole idea of a Point of Sale Display is to encourage people to buy products at that very moment when they see the products in the display stand. And to achieve this the Point of Sale Display Stand needs to incorporate the following:

  • Must be eye-catching with vibrant colours
  • The visible printing, must utilise every part of the display stand
  • Must be able to fit a large amount of product to make it appear full

The following Point of Sale Display Stands are as follows:

  • Promotional Counter Display Stands
  • Wall Mounted Display Stands
  • Portable Display Stands
  • Isle End-Display Stands
  • Museum Display Showcase Stands

Point of Sale Display Stands can also be made from a variety of Corrugated Cards or Plastics.

They can also be produced for not only retail purposes, but also for Exhibitions and Trade Shows, where brands wish to have their products as visually appealing as possible.

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