Printed Shrink Sleeves - What Are They and What Are The Benefits?

Flexible packaging is known for being light-weight, versatile and protective. At Focus Print Group, we use certified food-safe materials and eco-friendly inks to ensure our flexible packaging is suitable for various products. The packaging we use provides a barrier to any moisture, oxygen, temperature differences, external impacts, or lights to ensure the quality of your product is upheld.

Printed shrink sleeves are a form of flexible packaging, which are conformed around a product. Print shrink sleeves have all the benefits of flexible packaging, plus more! Unlike regular shrink sleeves, printed shrink sleeves provide the added benefit of design, which is a point of difference within the market.

Printed shrink sleeves have become a popular option for flexible packaging, with many benefits ranging from aesthetics and marketing, through to convenience, and sustainability. Below are some major benefits of printed shrink sleeves:

Printed shrink sleeves are a practical packaging option

Printed shrink film is extremely compact around the product and is an ideal packaging to use when bundling several of the same product together to create a multipack for consumers. As printed shrink film makes it easy to create multi-packs of products, this reduces the amount of space that needs to be allocated for products to be stored in both store shelves and in warehouses, distribution centres and in transportation.

Due to the ability to create compact multipacks, manufacturing printed shrink film is a cost-effective packaging option as there is less cost involved in shipping and warehousing storage. The cost of packaging is reduced when creating multipacks of the product due to the minimal amount of packaging material required, in comparison to singularly packaged products. These cost-effective benefits may be especially helpful when a commercial company is packaging a high volume of products.

Printed shrink sleeves can be visually aesthetic

Printed shrink sleeves are not only popular for being practical, but since they can also be quite visually aesthetic and unique in their nature, which is beneficial for product and brand marketing! Printed shrink sleeves can be printed with various colours and images, whether you choose full block-colour, fine colouring, or bright images – the colour palette and design are in your hands! Colourful and aesthetic packaging are always more intriguing for people when it is displayed on a shelf at a store, making the product more popular if it stands out from the crowd.

Printed shrink sleeves are growing in popularity for being vibrant and unique, as the printed design can cover all surface areas of the packaging. At Focus Print Group, we are highly experienced in all aspects of flexible packaging and design, our friendly team can assist you with any questions you may have about printed shrink sleeves and flexible packaging options.

Print shrink film is a sustainable flexible packaging option

Print shrink films are a beneficial option if you are looking for a sustainable packaging option for your products. Printed shrink film is easily manufactured for high quantity batches, which in turn limits packaging wastage and reduces carbon footprint.

The ability of the printed design within printed shrink sleeves provides the ability for labels to be printed into the flexible packaging, which limits the need for separate labels to be made, reducing overall wastage.  

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