The Importance Of Print Media In Marketing

Have you ever picked up a magazine or newspaper, flipped through the pages, and found yourself captivated by the content? That’s the power of print media

Now, what is print media? Print media is merely a tangible way of conveying information to your customers. It can be anything from a glossy magazine to a simple flyer or poster, and it allows businesses to connect with their audience on a deeper and more personal level. 

Printed publications, therefore, have the power to create an emotional connection with the reader. The texture of the paper, the design of the layout, and the words on the page can all work together to create an experience that resonates with the reader. This experience is memorable, and it can create a lasting impression that can be difficult to achieve through digital media.

Print Media In Marketing

So with that being said, if you are curious about this traditional yet effective form of print marketing, keep reading.

Benefits Of Print Media In Advertising

You may be asking yourself, why is advertising through print publications important? Well, according to Forbes Magazine, print materials and publications offer customers and prospects a brand experience that cannot be replicated online. In a digital world where information is fleeting, print publications stand out with their ability to convey a sense of permanence, authenticity, and emotional connection, making them a powerful tool for businesses looking to make a meaningful impact on their target market through four distinct advantages.

High Engagement

Individuals who opt-in to newspaper subscriptions make a conscious decision to read them. Such readers are more attentive and are more likely to absorb your message due to the fact that they are not distracted or preoccupied with anything else when flipping through the pages. Plus, your front headline is composed in a way to communicate a possible benefit towards the audience and secures the readers’ attention, magnifying your reach. 

In addition, when users tend to visit a website, the web page is often skimmed through in as little as 15 seconds. On the other hand, when current or prospective customers read through printed publications, they tend to be more engaged for an extended amount of time. On average, customers can spend up to 43 minutes reading a magazine.

Ability To Target Specific Demographics

The strategic design and placement of your publications, newspapers and magazines can effectively help you reach your intended audience, whether it is a specialised niche or the broader general public. By utilising demographic data, you can strategically position your brand in the most suitable location at the right time to reach the appropriate audience.

strategic design magazines

Tangibility & Longevity

Print media, whether that be in the form of publications, brochures, posters, or other types of printed material, are all physical items. These physical items can stay put in offices or homes for months or even years on end after they have been acquired. Whilst there are many non-tangible marketing materials that are capable of being utilised for a single purpose, the benefits of print media stretch further than most people come to realise.

Print Is Credible

There is something that is deeply satisfying about the experience of reading a physical, printed piece of media, like seeing your favourite magazine on the shelf or flipping through the pages of a newspaper. It’s a rush of excitement and validation that comes from holding a tangible, printed piece in your hands. With print media, you can easily set it down and come back to it whenever you please, and that feeling of ownership is priceless. Just imagine the satisfaction of having your marketing material sitting right there on someone’s desk, day after day, waiting to be picked up and pursued. It’s the ultimate win for any marketer.

Print Media Campaigns

Examples Of Successful Print Media Campaigns

Studies have shown that 70 percent of individuals are more than likely to remember a business that they have seen in print compared to online. It is no surprise that many major companies have decided to create some of the most effective print campaigns around.

The drift towards more of a ‘content marketing approach’ has inspired many brands to perceive print in a very different way. The long-form copy that is produced as an element of content marketing is particularly suitable for print, allowing magazines to be a compelling addition to a broader marketing plan.

Brands are registering that print can factor in as a successful source of differentiation, offering a competitive advantage amongst others in the market. Here are a few examples of print media campaigns that have found success through print magazine content marketing.

The fastest-growing fashion retailer brand in the UK, ASOS, has utilised printed magazine publications to feature interviews with A-list celebrities and issue-driven journalism alongside fashion photography. Sent out for free to loyal customers, their print audience now exceeds more than 450,000 people per issue.

Another example of print media that has allowed a brand to find benefits from utilising magazines is that of Allianz. While Allianz may not seem to be an apparent applicant for this type of communication, the brand has shown that the power of print has the ability to heighten your message. Between 2008 and 2017, Allianz had a partnership with C3 Creative Code and Content, where a print publication was produced called Project M, winning them more than 80 marketing and publishing awards in the process.

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