Ultimate Guide To Custom Product Packaging

Packing is often used as a marketing tool to target your audience, through emphasising practicality, aesthetics, colour scheme and readability. Custom product packaging is a great way to appeal to your audience, whilst providing the feasibility required from your packaging, whether through food sleeves or folding cartons. 

At Focus Print Group, we offer printing services Sydney which include a range of services within our custom product packaging range in order to suit your specific needs, requirements, aesthetics and colour schemes. Whether you require folding cartons, food sleeves or custom mailing boxes – we have you covered!

What Is Custom Product Packaging?

Custom product packaging can refer to a range of packaging items such as folding cartons, food sleeves, custom mailing boxes and many more which are able to be customised based on colourings and final touches.

Folding cartons are generally made from paperboard and are fed through machines that provide a range of printing services including cutting to requirements or gluing. From here, the folding cartons will be assembled as needed which can perform their duties of protecting and displaying merchandise.

Food product sleeves are cardboard sleeves that can be slid over a container or a food tray. Food packaging sleeves provide extra protection to the product and are open at both ends to allow the consumer to investigate the product. 

custom product packaging

How Can Custom Product Packaging Promote Your Brands Message

Marketing and promoting your brand and its messaging are important when thinking about your packaging design and its elements. Choosing a variety of elements such as a colour scheme that showcases your brand, imagery, and font relevant to the messaging your product wants to showcase to its clients will make the packaging of a product stand out in comparison to others on the market. 

Why Creating Custom Packaging Is Important For Your Brand

Creating custom product packaging is important for your brand as the packaging is the first thing a consumer sees when looking at your product. Due to this, making a great first impression and drawing in the consumer is essential as a marketing tactic for your business. 

Not only are packing choices and ensign an important aspect of packaging, but so are the practical aspects. Choosing flexible packaging, cardboard, paperboard, or stand-up pouches, could be the most beneficial options for your specific product in terms of long-term, cost and practicality. Ensuring that your product utilises the most suitable packaging is important for cost and suitability, such as printed shrink sleeves for a multipack of a product or food sleeves for the protection and convenience of frozen food items. 

3 Ways You Can Optimise Your Package Design

  1. Utilise PMS colours – PMS is the Pantone Matching System which is often used for printing Sydney. This system ensures that the specific colours you have chosen for your custom product packaging are recreated to ensure you have consistency within your colour scheme. 
  2. Implement clear windows – clear windows are a piece of transparent packaging material that allows the consumer to see into the packaging and the product without having to open the packaging. Many consumers find clear windows beneficial for products on a shelf such as cosmetics and food.
  3. Embellishments – there is a range of embellishments on offer for your custom product packaging including deembossing, embossing, foiling, ink and special coatings are some of the most common embellishments. These embellishments can transform the way your packaging looks, making it look more unique compared to the packaging of other products on offer. 

Printing services Sydney allow for a range of design and creative options to showcase your brand and its messaging, to create an impact on your consumers whilst providing the latest up-to-date packaging for both practicality and convenience purposes! Reach out to the team at Focus print Group to find out more about our custom packaging options. 

custom product packaging

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