Unpacking The Future Of Commercial Packaging: Top Trends For 2023

Commercial packaging serves various functions for products. From serving as a practical purpose to help store, handle, transport and display any given product, packaging also acts as a means to assist in marketing products for consumers. It is not only essential to protect products from damage and enhance their longevity, but at the same time, it supports businesses in producing a good brand image in the minds of the customers.

With statistics from the Smithers Pira organisation stating that the demand for the world packaging industry will reach $1.05 trillion in 2024, the commercial packaging industry is a major economic generator. This enormous growth rate is driven by consumer and industry trends for packaging. At the foreground of today’s market shifting from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce, there is a prominent switch in how products are now getting packaged, labelled and sold.

The overall purpose behind any printing or packaging company is to convert one’s ideas into print or packages. This will then be utilised to advertise whatever business you are in, whether that be a product or a service. Commercial printing Sydney companies look after all pre-production processes, such as printing, folding, cutting, as well as assembly, prior to presenting you with your final products.

Personalisation And Customisation

Commercial printing services Sydney has made it far easier to personalise and customise packaging and products. As the trend of personalisation and customisation has been continuously building over the years, it has presented itself as a major industry impact for 2024. There are many common brands that have utilised personalised packaging and have hence secured significant returns on this innovative marketing investment. As a matter of fact, it has been reported that 70% of marketers admit that personalisation has had a powerful impact on their customers.

Commercial printing Sydney companies have allowed businesses to promote their brand in a way that stands out from their competitors. For example, the well-known brand Coca-Cola printed people’s names on their soft drink bottles. This marketing strategy allowed individuals to identify with a brand’s product. In this instance, seeing your name on a bottle or can of Coke immediately attracts you to the product.

Customised solutions

Customised solutions

Sustainable Packaging

The sustainable and green movement has definitely secured the momentum to hoist itself through 2023 and beyond. There are many brands that are turning to more sustainable packaging that is made from biodegradable materials such as paper. This has been proven to portray a positive message to their customers that they are producing products that are environmentally friendly.

Today’s consumers are more attentive and aware of their environmental footprint. With that being said, many printing services Sydney have seen a change in businesses wanting to lower their carbon footprint with smaller and greener packaging. Now more than ever, people are joining forces to think green and protect their share of the world.

Sustainable Packaging

Quality Sustainable Packaging

Combined Digital & Printed Strategies

A major trend that is being widely integrated into print marketing is the integration of QR codes. QR codes are utilised as a way to track response rates and even as a way to personalise each piece of printed material. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular and are transforming print marketing. With an estimated 82% of consumers who still trust print marketing, QR codes offer a fast and efficient way to connect with your brand online.

Another trend that is becoming more popular in the creative print marketing world is that of augmented reality. Augmented reality permits consumers to view digital content in the real world. Often used with printed materials such as magazines, augmented reality can be used to form an interactive experience for readers. It also grants businesses to include extra information about their products or services.

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