The 5 Best Types of Packaging and Their Uses

Packaging is an effective way to convey how your product will make consumers feel, its importance, quality and significance. In order to successfully enhance the perceived value of your products, it is crucial to identify the most suitable packaging for your product’s needs and enhance potential sales. At Focus Printing Group, our top five most popular packagings each have different uses, benefits and speciality features for your product’s needs.

What is Paperboard Packaging?

Paper packaging has become more popular in recent years, as it is a sustainable option to recycle and reuse, although it is not very strong. For this reason, we recommend paperboard packaging, a much thicker and more durable option than traditional paper packaging, whilst still lightweight and environmentally friendly.

Often used as primary packaging, paperboard is ideal for lightweight products such as cosmetics and food products. Paperboard is food grade certified and can also be upgraded to be oven approved, to allow for food and packaging to be safely used in a microwave or oven, making it perfect for convenience foods. With some creative design, paper packaging can look high-end without the high-end pricing. Our paperboard packaging is best suited for 100% customisable special projects.

What is Corrugated Packaging?

As the industry’s most popular packaging option, corrugated packaging is similar to paper packaging, as a sustainable option, but uses recycled cardboard which is much thicker and stronger.

Corrugated material has been manufactured to provide maximum protection for products during transportation, with arched paper in between two liners. It is a low-cost and low-weight option for transporting any object of all sizes and shapes. Corrugated packaging is food-grade certified, making it ideal for the following products; pizza delivery boxes, retail packaging, pharmaceutical supplies and much more.

What is Premium Corrugated Litho-Laminated Packaging?

Known within the industry as a premium packaging solution, Premium Corrugated or Litho-Laminated Packaging is composed of high-quality offset printed sheets that are laminated onto corrugated board. This luxurious packaging is sure to impress customers with its high-quality graphics, that are a result of offset printing. The exceptional protection is provided by the corrugated cardboard, which ensures packaging maintains its beautiful appearance during transportation and whilst displayed in-store.

This exceptional material is a great investment for businesses, both in bulk packaging and widespread advertising. It’s ideally used for advertising and point of sale advertisements such as counter unit displays and floor stand displays. This premium packaging is also perfect for the transportation of fragile electronic devices, cosmetics, beverage cases and much more.

What is Milk Board Packaging?

Milk Board packaging is traditionally used for bakery and pastry products, but is safely certified for any type of food. Specifically, milk board packaging is gloss finished, to ensure food is safe in the fridge and freezer and easy to wipe clean if necessary. The lightweight material is designed for transportation of delicate foods, with hundreds of shapes and sizes available, and custom designs produced upon request.

What is Flexible Plastic Packaging?

In comparison to traditional paper packaging, plastic packaging enhances product protection and graphics, to result in cost savings. One of the most popular forms of flexible plastic packaging is rewinds, sleeves, stand-up bags and pouches. This type of packaging is lightweight, whilst offering superior protection and is ideal for frozen and dry foods and also widely used for pet food.

Sourcing the Best Packaging Solution

At Focus, our packaging range can be customised to suit your product and branding needs. With specialised features from styling, shapes, size, stocks, colours and custom prints to name a few.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier to design and produce the best packaging solutions for your products, contact Focus Print Group today. With more than 30 years of experience and an all in-house state of art premises, our team is ready to bring your ideas to life. Whether you need Paperboard, Cardboard or Stand up Pouches, our team can assist you with any of your packaging needs. Contact our Sydney office on (02) 8755 7888 or Melbourne office on (03) 8831 2000, for a FREE packaging printing consultation.