Benefits of Custom Packaging with Clear Windows

Nowadays, consumers are faced with countless options to choose from, making it more important than ever to stand out from your competitors with effective packaging design. Customising your packaging is one of the best and easiest ways to capture the attention of consumers, with custom clear window packaging proving to be a powerful way to attract buyers to products.

What is a custom clear window ?

A custom clear window is a cutout in your packaging that gives consumers the opportunity to see the product inside, without having to open the packaging. The cutout can be left open but often it is covered with plastic film for added security and stability. Clear windows are particularly popular in food packaging and cosmetic packaging. They can be applied to a range of packaging types, including cardboard and paperboard boxes, sleeves, paper lids and much more.

How is the window cutout made?

A window is cut out of the packaging using a die that can be customised to any shape. If the product isn’t delicate, the window can be left bare to add a sensory element to the buying process, allowing consumers to touch the product. However, for more security, or for consumable products, the window can be covered with a plastic film that is adhered to the inside of the packaging.

The thickness of the film will depend on the size of the die cut, with larger cutouts requiring more strength and stability. The temperature range that the product will be stored in also plays an important role in selecting the right type of film. For e.g. some food products may be packed before they have completely cooled down and are then chilled for preservation. These kinds of products require a high quality film that is able to withstand a range of temperatures without succumbing to damage or fogging. Your printer will be able to advise you on the best type of film for your custom window packaging.

What are the Benefits of Custom Packaging with Clear Windows

Product Preview

Transparency is particularly important when selling a product. Consumers are using their hard earned money to purchase your product and so they want to know exactly what they are getting. Therefore the information provided on the packaging is crucial to sales conversions, as well as the visibility of the product. Through incorporating a clear window into your packaging design, you are allowing customers the chance to get an accurate visual image of what they are purchasing, without having to open the packaging. This is most important for products which are consumable or must be protected for hygienic reasons such as food and cosmetics. Additionally, packaging that has been opened or damaged is often a deterrent for potential customers, leading to missed sales opportunities, and a product packaging window can limit this considerably.

It is commonly understood that we eat with our eyes, making clear windows are particularly important in food packaging. They help to entice customers, but also gives them a chance to inspect the food and ensure that it is fresh and safe to consume.

For industries that use both primary and secondary packaging, clear windows are a very effective means of communication. Often, the primary packaging is one of the product’s features, with industries such as the cosmetic industry, putting much time and effort into beautiful cosmetic packaging printing and design to showcase their product. For e.g. perfume bottles generally come in unique bottles that become part of the product, rather than just the packaging. Through utilising a clear window, fragrance manufacturers are able to showcase their beautifully designed product, whilst keeping it safe and secure as well as eye-catching through unique cosmetic packaging printing design.

Customised Design

Clear windows can be skilfully incorporated into the packaging design to create an attractive custom design that stands out amongst competitors. The possibilities are endless, with the ability to customise the shape of the die to suit the product shape, branding and packaging type. Clear windows can be applied to almost any packaging. The window can be utilised to highlight the key selling features of the product and differentiate the product from that of competitors. Clear windows allow consumers to get to know your product more, which ultimately builds trust and a better connection with your brand.

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