Benefits of Food Packaging Sleeves

Product packaging is designed to keep everything organised and looking attractive for customers. Whether it’s a packet of snacks or cardboard takeaway boxes, the way that your package protects its contents and promotes your business is paramount. A simple and effective solution for pre-packaged and takeaway goods is food packaging sleeve.

What is a Food Packaging Sleeve?

A Food Packaging Sleeve is simply a printed cardboard sleeve that slides over a food tray or container. Food Packaging Sleeves are open on the sides, so that consumers can easily see and access the food package underneath. A Food Packaging Sleeve adds additional protection to the food and helps to display branding and product information.

If your business is offering takeaway / home meals including frozen food, pre-packaged or even fresh food in sealed containers you could use food packaging sleeves to ensure that your packaging solution presents your products in the most attractive and effective way possible. Food packaging sleeves are the ideal packaging option for food retail businesses who currently use standard plastic packaging or containers for their products because they are:

  • An affordable alternative to custom plastic packaging or sleeves.
  • Versatile and can be made to fit numerous product dimensions.
  • Able to enhance food safety & security.
  • Offer varied printing & design options.
  • Easy to assemble by staff & be removed by customers.
  • Add additional rigidity and protection to plastic containers.

Advantages of Food Packaging Sleeves to consider

When selecting how your food product will be packaged, it is important to understand some of the key benefits for comparison.


There are a wide variety of choices for food packaging solutions at a range of prices. Food Packaging Sleeves are one of the more affordable options available, especially when compared against custom printed plastic packaging. This is an important consideration for retail, fast food and takeaway food products, whose packaging is intended to be quickly disposed of after use.

Additional Protection

Food Packaging Sleeves enclose a food product that is already packaged in some way, be it a food tray or container. Therefore, the addition of a food sleeve adds further protection to the food product, minimising the risk of damage occurring during transportation.

Enhances Food Safety

Food packaging sleeves display crucial information about food which is required by law. This greatly assists customers who are unable to consume certain foods, when deciphering if a product is safe for them to eat. For example, consumers with dietary concerns such as gluten intolerance will seek products marked as ‘gluten free’. If your product is ‘ gluten free’ but is not marked as such, then you will miss out on a large market of consumers. Therefore, food packaging sleeves are essential for correctly informing consumers about important product details that are crucial to their health.

Drive Sales with Effective Branding & Design

A good design helps your brand to distinguish a product from your competitors. Food packaging sleeves, if designed effectively, build brand recognition and increase sales, resulting in a worthwhile return on investment. Your food sleeve should immediately grab the attention of customers and draw them in. The food packaging sleeve design should appeal to your target market. For example, if your food product is gourmet, then the food packaging sleeve design should have a luxurious appearance, so that it stands out to consumers who are looking for a higher quality product.

Additionally, the material and embellishments that you choose for your food packaging sleeve will assist with conveying your brand’s message. For instance, a company with a strong environmental stance might choose recycled cardboard, whilst an upmarket company might emboss their logo to create a more luxurious effect.

At Focus Print Group, we offer a printing services that can print food packaging sleeves on:

  • Milk Board
  • Paperboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Ovenable Board

It is important to consider how the food product will be stored and prepared when considering materials. Will it be stored in a freezer, cooler or on a shelf? Will it be cooked in the oven within its packaging? At Focus Print Group, our printing service specialists can assist you with choosing the correct materials and embellishments, such as embossing/debossing, foiling, UV Varnishes and Cello-glazing for your project, that will help your packaging stand out from your competitors.

If you are looking to promote your business’ food products, an updated food packaging sleeve design is a great way to communicate with potential and returning customers alike. Well designed and professionally printed food packaging sleeves are an effective way to stand out from the crowd, protect your products, and display its features and ingredients.

Focus Print Group has one of the largest in-house print manufacturing footprints in Australia. Our expert team can assist you with the latest in printing technologies for Food Packaging solutions, such as Food Packaging Sleeve printing. To get started on your exciting new Food Packaging project, contact our Sydney Office on (02) 8755 7888 or Melbourne Office on (03) 8831 2000, for a Free Consultation with our team.