How to Choose the Right Commercial Printing Method for Product Packaging

Since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440, printing has come a long way. Nowadays, large scale commercial printers can turn digital art into a range of physical products such as catalogues, posters, newsletters, packaging boxes, books, and much more.

On such a large scale, commercial printers differ in a few ways from the standard printer known to most. For example, commercial printers require specific file preparation or prepress tasks, as they are much larger than the average printer found in quick-copy printing shops, with print runs into the 10s of thousands.

As a result, any business looking to increase their physical marketing materials are referred to a reputable commercial printing company, like Focus Print Group. As we not only design bespoke designs for our commercial printing Sydney services, but we also print, pack, assemble, and distribute the products for our clients.

Commercial printing Sydney adds a physical level to your business advertising and marketing, which in the end leaves a good impression on you and your service. So, let’s take a closer look into how a commercial print shop Sydney collaborates with various businesses to help them stand out from the competition when it comes to custom packaging.

What are the Printing Methods used in Custom Packaging?

Businesses would be unable to differentiate themselves from the competition if there was just one type of printing technology. At Focus print shop Sydney, we utilise different methods for custom packaging to fulfil different requirements, projects, and materials our various clients want to showcase.

To give your customers unforgettable unboxing experiences, you must understand each of the printing processes accessible so you can choose the best method for your application. Let’s look at the two commercial printing Sydney options we offer for custom product packaging.

Offset Printing/Lithography

When clients want to attain high product volumes of folding cartons, food sleeves, or paper-based packaging, the best commercial printing technique is offset printing, as it produces the best premium high-volume production.

Offset printing utilises metal plates that contains an image of the content that must be printed, the images are then transferred from the plates onto rollers or rubber blankets using wet ink. Lithographic commercial printing Sydney is best for stationery, newspapers, books, folding cartons, food sleeves, and most paper-based packaging solutions.

Offset Printing Example I: Premium mailing boxes

The highest-quality custom product packaging offered at Focus print shop Sydney is our premium mailing boxes. Our premium mailing boxes are composed of offset printed sheets laminated onto a corrugated board. Ideal for packing cosmetics, beverages, foods and much more, this exceptional packaging will impress your customers due to its exceptional printing results and outstanding product protection.

Offset Printing Example II: Cake Boxes Sydney

At Focus, we can produce and custom design the perfect custom product packaging for your cakes and pastries using glossy milk board packaging and lithography printing to ensure that they are fridge and freezer safe to store your baked goods. This lightweight packaging is perfect for keeping your delicate foods safe throughout transportation. From speciality cupcake boxes to window boxes for those fantastic birthday cakes, contact the cake boxes Sydney specialists at Focus Print Group today!


Flexography Printing

Flexography, also known as flexo, is a printing technique that uses a flexible plate – rather than lithography’s solid metal plates – on a rolling cylinder to transfer ink on the non-porous material fed through the device.

Flexographic printing is often utilised for text-based graphics or custom packaging with only one or two colours. It’s a terrific alternative for large-volume projects because it’s quite cost-effective for simple printing operations.

Plastics and flexible packaging are the most common flexography printed products, particularly for food packaging applications.

Flexography Printing Example: Stand-Up Pouches & Box Bottom Bags

One of the most popular flexible packaging using flexography printing is stand-up and box bottom bags – also known as flat bottom pouches. They can be used for various product packaging applications and are far less expensive than other rigid packaging alternatives. Box bottom bags’ revolutionary design maximises package space on shelves and within the package.


Which Printing Method is Best for Your Custom Product Packaging?

When selecting a commercial printing Sydney process for your custom product packaging, it’s essential to speak to the experts at Focus and discuss your packaging materials options. Since one printing method may be better than another depending on the material you’re utilising in conjunction with your design, graphic, and textual elements.

However, when deciding between lithography or flexography, if your packaging is paper-based, then lithography/offset printing will be ideal, or if your packaging is plastics based, then flexography is best.

You must make your packaging stand out to reflect your brand if you have a great product you wish to sell. At Focus Print Group, our commercial printing Sydney teams deal with every aspect of the custom product packaging process, from printing to cutting and folding.

No matter what printing technique you decide on, customers can expect only high-quality custom product packaging and printing from Focus. Providing packaging with effective barriers to moisture, impacts, temperature differences, oxygen, and light to maintain any products’ quality and freshness.

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On the lookout for a reputable print shop Sydney to design and produce the best commercial printing services?

There are plenty of possibilities with printed marketing materials in this digital-first era. But only if you use a gorgeous piece of high-quality printing to pull it off! Many components go into creating custom packaging, and choosing the correct commercial printing technique is just one of them.

So, stay rest assured knowing that Focus Print Group ensures memorable packaging solutions to benefit our clients’ promotional campaigns. Stand out from the crowd with printing and marketing collateral from Focus Printing Sydney. From a range of packaging solutions to various marketing materials, we offer what you need to stand out.

At Focus Printing Sydney, our commercial printing Sydney range can be customised to suit your product and branding needs. Your mailing boxes and cake boxes Sydney can be specialised with custom features such as styles, shapes, size, stocks, colours, and custom prints, to name a few.

With more than 30 years of experience and a state-of-the-art in-house facility, our commercial printing Sydney team is ready to bring your ideas to life. Whether you need PaperboardCardboard, or Stand up Pouches, our team can assist you with any of your custom product packaging needs. Contact our Sydney office on (02) 8755 7888 or Melbourne office on (03) 8831 2000, for a FREE Digital Printing Consultation.