Latest Packaging Design Trends for 2020

Your product’s packaging design depicts your brand’s voice and conveys its use, purpose, quality and style. Taking ideas from the latest packaging design ideas will ensure your product is looking modern and on trend. This is important as packaging is an extremely powerful selling tool that serves to engage with customers and inform them of why your product should be considered over competing alternatives.

Not only is packaging a vital means of communication amongst a sea of similar products, but it also provides a safe container for the product’s contents, during transportation and display. With multiple important roles to fulfil, packaging design that is well designed is crucial to a product’s success.

As 2020 progresses, brands are employing specific design trends and techniques including; minimalistic design, simplistic flat illustrations, bright colour & bold patterns, elaborate packaging design and sustainable materials to separate their brand from competitors.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is a design language used to showcase significant elements and information, through a pared back aesthetic. An uncluttered approach to packaging design, using negative space can draw the eye in towards the important information that is deemed most relevant to the customer.

Bold typography alongside one powerful image or illustration and a simple but striking colour palette are the makings of a successful minimalist design.

Focusing on a less is more approach, will filter out any unnecessary information, resulting in a more impactful design that doesn’t overshadow the product itself and the brand messaging.

Minimalism also serves to make the materials used shine. For example, exposed plain cardboard creates a beautiful natural feel that complements a minimalist aesthetic. For advice on which materials will best support your minimalist design, get in touch with our team for expert advice and superior commercial printing in Sydney.

Simplistic Flat Illustrations

Simple flat illustrations are a byproduct of the Minimalist movement. Flat illustrations have become increasingly popular in logo design over recent years, with the trend now making its way into packaging design.

Flat illustrations capture attention through the use of bold colours, expressive line work and a minimalist aesthetic. Illustrations are a great way to incorporate more of your branding, through the use of brand colours and a style that clearly represents your brand’s story.

Flat illustrations work well on any type of packaging, from Flat Bottom Pouches to Box Bottom Bags and Zip Lock Printed Bags; with their simplistic style making them easy to print on a plethora of materials.

Bright colour and Bold Patterns

Whilst some brands choose to make their mark through simplicity and minimalism, others are heading in the opposite direction, opting for a more bold approach. With supermarket shelves now occupied by simplistic packaging, some brands are striving to gain the attention of customers through striking patterns and eye catching colour combinations, complemented by stunning print embellishments, such as embossing, debossing, foiling, celloglazing and UV/spot UV.

Premium Packaging

2020 is the year of bold moves for some brands, with more and more brands incorporating premium printing techniques including holographic foiling, metallic colours, textural and tactile elements and more. Luxurious embellishments give a sense of opulence and are a great way to attract attention and away from competitors using more simplistic packaging.

Sustainable Materials

A lot of effort goes into the design and printing of packaging. However, after a product is unboxed, the packaging will inevitably end up in the bin. With consumers growing increasingly aware of their own impact on the environment, more and more businesses are stepping up and choosing eco friendly packaging solutions. Sustainable practices including using less material; using biodegradable alternatives as well as altering production processes to have minimal impact on the environment.

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