Types of Custom Closures in Packaging

A top-quality product needs to be appealing and accessible to consumers. Closures are responsible for providing customers with easy-to-open packaging, while the graphics aesthetically attract consumers to your product. Together they work to enhance consumer-friendless and accessibility of your product.

Utilising the best closure type for your specific product will improve shelf-life, distribution, prevent damages and other contaminating factors. It is essential to choose a custom closure for your packaging to ensure your product is easy to access, but to do this, it’s important to understand how a type of packaging fits into the general categories in the market. The two most common types of packaging closures are dispensing closures and non-dispensing closures.

As the names suggest, dispensing packaging protects and seals products while allowing for easy access, whereas non-dispensing packaging simply seals and protects the contents. At Focus Print Group, we’re committed to providing custom closure solutions that are perfect for your unique needs. The following list is Focus’ most popular types of custom closures and what products they are best suited to.

Crash Lock or Self-Locking Cardboard Boxes are a simple type of packaging, where a box is assembled with one quick fold. This custom style is popular because no additional tape or glue is required, and the quicker assembly means a more cost-efficient product line. Generally, Crash Lock Boxes are particularly suitable for the shipping, transport and storage of large and flat products, highly recommended for shock-sensitive goods such as heavy electronics.

Snap Lock or 123 Bottom Snap Lock Cartons are the most widely used product packaging throughout the industry. This style is assembled with a simple three-fold combination with a tuck top closure, and requires no additional tape or glue. Snap Locks are very versatile and can be used to package a lot of uniquely shaped products. This custom design is particularly great for bulky yet lightweight products, such as baked goods, small electronics and clothing.

The Tuck End, Straight Notched Tuck (SNT) or Airplane Tuck offers an easy closure on the top and the bottom, where the rear panels “tuck” into the front ones. This custom packaging style allows products to be filled into either side of the box, which reduces assembly time. Tuck End packages are most suitable for small and lightweight products. Industries that commonly use this packaging style are within food, health, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electronic and retail.

When it comes to custom product packaging Die Cut Boxes are the industry’s best, because they allow for total customisation. Die Cut Boxes have self-locking flaps that fold into each other without the need for glue or tape. Unlike other custom packages, this packaging design is best when mass-produced, as the assembly is faster and more cost-effective when at a large scale.

Die Cut packaging is the best option for almost any product, as this custom design does not follow any specific manufacturing systems, so it is possible to create virtually any kind of product packaging no matter the size, material, fold or function. The versatility of Die Cut packaging is practically endless, from creative gift boxes to the protective storage and transportation of glass, wine, bakery goods, garments, delicate ornaments and everything in between.

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC) have four panels, top and bottom, where the flaps meet in the middle, closing the box. RSC packages don’t require special tooling to manufacture, so it is usually the most cost-effective custom solution. Regular Slotted Cartons are very durable and best suited for products which are stored or are in transit for an extended time. This custom design can hold relatively heavy objects, and some common uses include books, consumables, breakables like bottles and light bulbs.

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