The value of premium packaging for your business

Premium packaging solutions are available to not only protect the inner product from damage and contamination, but also to differentiate your products & your brand from your competitors. If designed effectively, your packaging should establish your brand and clearly outline to your ideal customer the reasons why they should purchase your product over a similar product.

Before you formulate a design for your premium packaging, you should answer the following questions. These questions well help you to create a well considered design that truly serves its purpose by protecting your product/s and generating sales:

What product is the premium packaging solution for?

Firstly, it is important to consider the product and its features. You should examine the materials that the product is constructed from and note if they are strong or delicate in nature. Additionally, the dimensions and weight of the product are important, as the materials selected for the packaging will need to support the product. These simple facts will help you to begin in determining the best way to transport your product. If your product is simple, you may be able to opt for standard packaging, however – if it is a premium product you can use custom premium packaging with more complex designs, features and style options.

Who will likely purchase the product?

It is very important to clearly identify your target market before commencing the design process. If you are unaware of who you are selling to, then you won’t be able to design premium packaging that will appeal to your target market, resulting in missed sale opportunities.

Is your product designed for children, adults or the elderly? If you are designing for the elderly, then you may need to enlarge text, so that it’s easy to read. If your customer is environmentally conscious, then you may want to consider more sustainable materials. You should also consider the price range of your product. Deluxe products should be packaged accordingly, utilising materials and printing techniques that evoke opulence.

Where will customers purchase the product?

Determining whether consumers will be purchasing your product from store or online is another essential consideration. If your product is going to be sold purely online and then shipped to the customer, then the packaging will need to be strong enough to withstand transit individually and keep the product safe with minimal movement. If your product is going to be sold in store, the premium packaging design will need to stand out and grab the attention of customers.

What is your budget for the production of your premium packaging?

It is also important to consider the costs associated with setting up the print process initially, as well as the printing of each package. There may be one-off costs in the beginning to set up print plates and create custom dies. Once the initial setup costs are paid, you will then pay per package produced. You should formulate an estimate that you are willing to pay before beginning the design process. Your budget will contribute to your choice of design, material and printing techniques. When drafting your budget, you should take into consideration that cheaper options are not always best. Sometimes paying more for premium packaging can drive your selling price up and enhance buyer perception.

Finding the right packaging design for your product is extremely valuable. Your options are as vast as the variety in products and each solution can be tailored to fit your requirements. This is an exciting and significant step in marketing your product so why not speak to the experts!

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