6 Design Considerations for Frozen Food Packaging – Advice from a Leading Printing Company Sydney

Designing frozen food packaging is a dynamic process that demands great attention to detail, as your product’s packaging presentation, shelf life, consumer convenience, and cost-effectiveness are all crucial to its success.

At Focus Print Group, we’ve provided high-quality printing services to Sydney frozen food companies for decades. As a result, our Sydney printing teams are frequently asked what is important when creating the best packaging for frozen foods? To serve as a guide, this post unpacks the six most important design considerations for designing frozen food packaging.

Promote Product Convenience through Packaging

When designing any product packaging, printing companies Sydney must first consider what matters most to the product’s ideal user and how it will integrate into their everyday lives.

Consumers seeking a quick meal and added convenience in their busy life are the target audience for frozen foods. So, to match the needs of this target audience, excellent frozen food packaging should provide the customer with several convenient features.

Typically bags and pouches are the most common packaging format used by our printing Sydney teams for freezer aisle products. As they provide customers with convenient benefits such as being lightweight, strong, resealable, simple to carry, use, and store.

Ensure the Packaging Closure Encourages Convenience

Our printing Sydney teams believe packaging closures are just as essential as the package’s contents. As high-quality seals provide total protection from the outside environment while also positively impacting the packaging’s convenient appeal.

Frozen food consumers should be able to readily open and close the packaging while retaining the freshness of the contents within. For example, as one of the most reputable printing companies Sydney, we have seen zip-lock closures become increasingly popular in the frozen food industry because of their resealable ease.

Attract Customers with Eye-Catching Printing

Just because your product will be presented behind fogged-up glass doors doesn’t mean your package’s design should be cheap. Even in the frozen food aisle, appealing packaging correlates directly with increased sales.

When designing frozen food packaging, our printing Sydney teams consider that customers will be selecting a product via a layer of glass. As a result, we ensure our frozen packaging designs and printing services are bright, clean, and appealing.

After all, if you look around the frozen food aisles, you will notice many brands offer the same items; there is a lot of rivalry from potatoes to waffles, veggies, and poultry products. So bespoke printing services is even more crucial to get a competitive edge over other frozen brands.

As one of the leading printing companies in Sydney, we can create high-impact visuals with 360-degree artwork for unique product packaging. Furthermore, with Focus’ cutting-edge printing services Sydney you can print on demand, saving inventory and waste.

Printing for frozen food packaging can be difficult without the appropriate ink or printer setup. But as one of the best printing companies in Sydney, we have a wide selection of printing technologies ideal for labelling and designing graphics for frozen goods. Our printing solutions will ensure your branding clings to the frozen food product in wet processing circumstances.

Ensure Suitable Frozen Packaging with our Plastics Range

Our printing Sydney teams commonly recommend flexible plastic such as flat bottom pouches and box bottom bags for packaging frozen food.

Flexible packaging is lightweight whilst offering superior protection and can stand up on its own on the freezer shelves. The innovative design of flat bottom pouches and box bottom bags maximises package space on the shelves and within the package.

As one of the leading printing companies in Sydney, our flexible packaging is manufactured from food-safe materials suitable for cold and wet environments. Ideal for a range of frozen foods packing, such as frozen vegetables, fruit, pre-cooked meals, pasta, and other frozen goods.

As part of our printing services in Sydney, our plastics range may be printed with high-quality, full-colour branding and visual design components to assist consumers in the frozen food aisle notice your product first.

Box-bottom bags, also known as flat bottom pouches, are economical and effective. Expect only high-quality flat bottom pouch printing from Focus, providing an effective barrier to moisture, impacts, temperature differences, oxygen, and light to maintain your frozen products’ quality and freshness.

Flat bottom pouches and box bottom bags are ideal for packaging heavy and thick frozen foods for maximum product protection. Our printing Sydney teams can also supply frozen food packaging to withstand puncture and abrasion from sharp items like prawns or mussels.

Ensure Suitable Frozen Packaging with our Paper Range

Paper sleeves, trays, and lids are frequently used in printing Sydney projects to package frozen ready-to-go meals, pies, vegetables, pizza, cakes, and other frozen food goods. Paper boxes are strong, long-lasting, simple to pack and offer robust packaging for shipping.

Paper and cardboard materials offer the ideal printing surface for high-quality, bright, and colourful branding, artwork, text, and graphics. In Sydney, paper and cardboard printing services are very popular as high-quality graphics lures in customers by generating a sensation of hunger.

As one of the most reputable printing companies Sydney, our food sleeves, trays, and lids are a simple and effective solution for food retail businesses selling pre-packaged, fresh, and frozen foods with 100% customizability.

In addition, our printing services Sydney can be enhanced with a special coating which allows the paper packaging to be heat resistant and placed directly into the microwave, commonly used for pre-made frozen meals.

Get Stand with Frozen Food Packaging with Focus’ Printing Services Sydney

Looking around for reputable printing companies Sydney? At Focus Printing Sydney, our custom frozen food packaging range can be tailored to suit your product and branding needs. Your custom product packaging can be specialised with custom features such as styles, shapes, size, stocks, colours, and custom prints, to name a few.

Do you require something unique for your company? Custom product packaging is considerably less complicated than it appears. At Focus, our printing Sydney team can customise product packaging to your product’s specific dimensions and physical requirements by adding unique branding components such as logos, pictures, or text.

No matter the purpose of your campaign at Focus Print Group, we have the printing services Sydney to ensure memorable custom product packaging. Plus, we offer additional printing services Sydney, which your business may benefit from, including brochure printing and more.

Contact Focus Print Group today if you are looking for a reliable supplier of custom printing services in Sydney to design and produce the best custom product packaging solutions.

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