What is the Best Packaging for Coffee?

No matter if you’re a bean roaster, a small café, or a coffee wholesaler, the design of your coffee packaging is critical. Although selecting packaging may seem unimportant, the perfect coffee packaging increases product marketability, sales, shelf life and improves coffee quality.

Given the variety of methods coffee may be subjected to, such as being produced, dried, roasted and ground among many other processes, it’s no wonder this crucial commodity can be packaged in a variety of ways. So, to make your coffee packaging decision simpler, consider the following factors.

Coffee Freshness

There are a few airtight packaging methods that can keep coffee beans remaining fresh for many weeks. But the level of protection that is required will depend on how far your coffee must travel to the end-users. Will your product be sold in local stores and cafés, or will it be sent across the country and worldwide?

At Focus Print Group, we understand how susceptible the flavour of coffee can be affected by outside influences, which is why we ensure high-quality packaging barriers and airtight protection to safeguard your coffee through transportation and storing.

The most common packaging technique to ensure coffee freshness is one-way degassing valves, enabling carbon dioxide to escape the bag after the beans have been roasted. Degassing valves also prevent coffee freshness killers like oxygen, moisture, or light from entering the bag.

Our flat bottom pouches for coffee are made of a 3-ply laminate which provides an excellent barrier against air, UV, and other elements from affecting the flavour profile of your beans.

Resealing Features

Customers that utilise coffee beans straight from the package will appreciate resealable packaging features. Although the container loses its airtight properties as soon as it is opened, the ability to reclose the bag will make a significant – and, some would argue, critical – difference in the beans’ freshness.

Tape and tie closures are the most common resealable alternatives used in the coffee business. Although not as airtight as a zipper closure, tape and ties are attractive for coffee flat bottom pouches.

Package Design

Every business must set itself apart from its rivals, the simplest way to accomplish this is through stand-out packaging. At Focus, we have delivered a plethora of techniques that make one-of-a-kind coffee packaging to attract potential customers. We offer limitless options so that you can be as inventive as possible.

One approach is to utilise various aesthetic printing techniques such as varnishes, to define your brand through attractive artwork. Another option is to focus on convenient features such as built-in zippers and uniquely shaped pouches. You may also concentrate on customer friendliness, such as laser perforation to make the bag easier to open.

Easy to understand labelling and product information is essential to the customer. Ensure your packaging design includes the product’s cultivation origins, coffee processing techniques, other ingredients used, the roast date of your beans, etc.

The Coffee Filling Process

Depending on how you will fill the coffee bags – either by hand or automated packaging equipment – will influence which type of coffee packaging is ideal. This is because the opening of the packaging must be large enough to ensure your equipment can fill the packaging fast and efficiently.

Most contemporary coffee packing machines can accept a variety of bag types and sizes. But typically, flat bottom pouches or box bottom bags are ideal. These types of packaging have four corners at the top entrance allowing a significantly large area for filling tools to access.

The Best Type of Coffee Packaging: Flat Bottom Pouches

While Focus Print Group can offer many varieties of coffee packaging from quad seal bags, pillow bags, bag-in-bags and much more. The most popular packaging in the coffee business is flat bottom pouches, also known as box bottom bags. This type of flexible packaging is lightweight whilst offering superior protection, ideal for a range of product packaging uses as it can stand up on its own on the supermarket shelves.

The innovative design of flat bottom pouches and box bottom bags maximises package space on the shelves and within the package.

At Focus, flat bottom pouch orders include high-quality custom printing, perfect for aesthetic advertising to attract potential customers and increase your brand’s visibility. Expect only high-quality flat bottom pouch printing from Focus, providing an effective barrier to moisture, impacts, temperature differences, oxygen, and light to maintain your coffee products’ quality and freshness.

expert tip: while bulk coffee packaging has a place in the market, modern consumers are less brand loyal than ever before. As a result, many customers prefer to buy smaller, trial-sized packets of coffee as they shop around for coffee alternatives. So, consider producing multiple packaging sizes of flat bottom pouches to ensure your coffee targets all types of buyers in the marketplace.

Custom Printed Coffee Packaging

If your company or brand wants a sophisticated and colourful coffee packaging design, custom printed flat bottom pouches and box bottom bags are the ideal packaging solution.

Focus Print Group can deliver edge-to-edge bespoke flat bottom pouches for coffee. You can fully personalise your coffee packaging to your product’s specific dimensions and shapes, as well as selecting unique packaging features such as transparent windows, colours, and more when you order custom printed packaging.

Our staff is here to guarantee that your flat bottom pouches have the competitive edge needed to stay ahead of the competition. Are you unsure about the design of your product? Our team of graphic designers is here to help!

Stand Out Today with Focus Print Group

No matter the purpose of your campaign at Focus Print Group, we have print solutions to ensure memorable product packaging. While we deliver custom flat bottom pouches and box bottom bags for coffee packaging, we also have vast experience in offering additional product packaging solutions, which will benefit the visibility and structure of your products.

At Focus Printing Sydney, our custom product packaging range can be tailored to suit your product and branding needs. Your custom product packaging can be specialised with custom features such as styles, shapes, size, stocks, colours and custom prints, to name a few.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier to design and produce the best custom product packaging solutions and printing services in Sydney, contact Focus Print Group today.

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