Pet Food Packaging Printing

Pet food packaging transcends its basic function of preserving freshness; it acts as a crucial bridge between your brand and consumers, informing them of the myriad benefits their pets can gain from your product. The design of pet food packaging—both structurally and visually—plays a pivotal role in steering consumer purchasing decisions. It’s not just about protection from contamination and damage; it’s about communicating value, quality, and trust.

In the competitive landscape of pet products, your packaging must stand out with high visual impact and clarity, ensuring it captures attention amidst a sea of competitors. When delving into pet food packaging printing, several key considerations must be front and centre to guarantee your packaging’s effectiveness.

Preservation: The Cornerstone of Pet Food Quality

Just as with human foods, pet foods have a shelf life that, when exceeded, compromises freshness, safety, and nutritional value. Modern pet food manufacturers have the option to choose resealable packaging solutions, significantly extending the product’s life by preserving freshness. This innovation not only spares pet owners the hassle of transferring food to airtight containers but also enhances the overall consumer experience, making your brand a preferred choice.

Communicating Health Benefits

Today’s pet food packaging mirrors human food packaging, reflecting a growing trend towards health consciousness among pet owners. Highlighting nutritional benefits clearly on your packaging is not just a legal obligation—it’s a powerful marketing tool. As more consumers scrutinise pet food labels for nutritional content, emphasising health benefits can be a decisive factor in their purchasing decisions.

Single Serve Pet Food Packaging

Single serve pet food packaging offers unmatched convenience, ensuring pets receive the correct portion sizes, which is crucial in managing pet obesity. This packaging solution is especially beneficial for on-the-go feeding and simplifies pet care for those temporarily looking after someone’s pet, ensuring the pet’s dietary needs are met without overfeeding.

Aside from portion sizing, single serve pet food packaging is also very beneficial when enjoying a day out. Pet owners can easily pack food for their pet, without the hassle of preparing the food in a container beforehand.

Single serve pet food packaging is also very convenient when pet owners travel and leave their pets in the care of friends or family. The pet owner can rest assured that their pet will not be overfed, as they can leave the right amount of food with the carers. It also results in less hassle for the carers, as the pet food is already prepared for them.


Sustainability is a growing concern among consumers, and pet food packaging is no exception. Many are now choosing brands that demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship through the use of biodegradable or recyclable materials. Discussing sustainable options with your pet food packaging printing can help reduce your brand’s environmental footprint and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Consistent Design Language

Pet food brands generally have a range of products to cater for different types of animals. It is important to display a consistent design language amongst all products, so that consumers are aware of the pet food brand. However, there should be clear distinction between different categories, to clearly communicate the type of pet food on offer.

Colour can be used to differentiate between different product ranges and flavours. In conjunction with colour, sizing and materials can also be utilised to clearly segment products. For example, resealable bags can be used for fresh pet food, and boxes for long lasting pet food. If part of your pet food range includes premium pet food, embellishments such as foiling and spot uv are a great way to distinguish premium products from cheaper alternatives. The logo and typefaces should remain consistent amongst all categories and packaging, with colour, sizing, materials and printing techniques used to further classify products into types or ranges.

At Focus Print Group, we understand the importance of effective pet food packaging printing for your pet food brand. We can assist you with the creation of Flat Bottom Pouches, Box Bottom Bags, Stand Up Pouches, Flat Pouches, Side Gusset Bags, Paperboard Packaging and more. With a range of finishes available, including clear windows, tear notches, zip lock and resealable options, your pet food packaging is sure to serve its purpose well. We offer an array of material choices including sustainable options, and can employ stunning embellishments such as foiling and cello glazing to make your pet food packaging stand out from your competitors.

Focus Print Group has one of the largest in-house print manufacturing footprints in Australia. Our expert team can assist you with the latest in printing technologies for food packaging solutions, such as food packaging sleeve printing. To get started on your exciting new food packaging project, contact our Sydney Office on (02) 8755 7888 or Melbourne Office on (03) 8831 2000, for a FREE Consultation with our team.

frequently asked questions

What materials are used in pet food packaging?

The materials in pet food packaging are mainly used to make the pet food container. The material used for the container is usually plastic, paper or aluminum. The material for the label is usually plastic, paper, aluminum foil or a combination of these materials. The choice of material our team opt for is chosen with respect to your personal preferences and the requirements of the specific pet food variety. 

Are pet food packaging containers BPA-free?

BPA is a chemical that has been used in the production of plastics and other household goods for years. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of BPA exposure are not yet known.

But, studies have shown that BPA may be linked to various health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. In addition, it has also been linked to reproductive issues such as miscarriages, infertility and low sperm count in men.

Therefore, many manufacturers have started using alternatives to BPA-based plastics, and we at Focus Print Group are striving to implement BPA-free materials in each of pet packaging containers.

How do I properly dispose of pet food packaging?

The pet food industry is a booming industry and the packaging for these products are often improperly disposed of. Pet food manufacturers should take responsibility for this, and at Focus Print Group, we provide clear directives on our packaging to ensure our client’s customers know how to properly dispose of their pet food packaging.